Track+Race® unfolds the full potential of your intralogistics

through integrating RFID technology with your IT

Economical material flow automation in warehouse & production, minimal interference with infrastructure

Industrial trucks remain key component – we make them smart

Real-time monitoring of goods movement – Manage your stocks in 3D!

Kick-start your Intralogistics 4.0!


Make your hardware intelligent

Make your fleet smart with our patented Track+Race® solution

Optimize your stock movements

Maximize your logistics efficiency with our intelligent material flow management

Act ahead

Analyze your real-time data to optimize your future warehouse logistics
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Our versatile solutions for localization, identification and process optimization meet all requirements:
Regardless of storage type, outdoor / indoor or production environment,
Track+Race® works reliably in all environmental and climatic conditions on all industrial transport vehicles.


Track+Race® daily proves its efficiency managing >45 million goods movements/p.a. in >50 installations in Europe, North America and Asia.
Track+Race® solutions are significantly more economical than automated solutions and provide far more flexibility.
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As a leading  specialist for product tracking & identification we make your intralogistics smart.