A working communication

Info+Screen – information whenever and wherever you want

Next to accuracy concerning content and catchy presentation topicality shows the quality of information.
This needs a working connection of a local information system to a superior IT system. INDYON constructs solutions that are connectable with every IT system without any problems. We don’t only offer innovative and robust information and read out systems for nearly every field of application but also your reliable integration to specific programs.

Info+Screen Hardware

  • modular assembling with embedded system
  • information readout system without exhauster, with TFT Display
  • Ethernet, ISDN modem, Touch-Panel
  • robust housing
  • for using outdoor
  • for using outdoorconnection to client server architecture by using Ethernet, ISDN, DSL...

Info+Screen Software

Readout terminals can be controlled by one server via ISDN and get specific contents.

  • connection via LAN and/or WAN
  • checking of connection quality
  • temporal control of notice contents
  • data preperation
  • automatic dial-up
  • parallel Updating of new information
  • automatic error management
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