Find out how Track+Race® unfolds the full potential of your intralogistics in the digital age and how you can efficiently integrate RFID technology into your intralogistics.

Economical automation of material flow in the warehouse with minimal intervention in the infrastructure.

The industrial truck stays – we make it intelligent.

All goods movements are monitored transparently and in real-time – Manage your stocks in 3D!

Your way to Intralogistics 4.0


Make your hardware intelligent

Make your fleet smart with our patented Track+Race® solution.
Track+Race® Connected Hardware

Optimize stock movement

Maximize your logistics efficiency with our intelligent material flow management.
Track+Race® Material Flow Management

Act ahead

Analyze your real-time data to optimize your future warehouse logistics.
Track+Race® Data & Reporting
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Our versatile solutions in the field of localization, identification and process optimization can be used in all conditions. Regardless of storage type, outdoor / indoor area or production environment, Track+Race® works reliably in all environmental and climatic conditions on all transport vehicle types.


Track+Race® daily proves its efficiency. Every year we manage more than 45 million goods movements in more than 50 installations in Europe, North America and Asia.
Track+Race® solutions are more economical than automation solutions and offer more flexibility.
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As a leading intralogistics specialist for product tracking and identification, we make your intralogistics intelligent.
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